Cristina has five of her own children and two from her second marriage. Her first husband died in a farming accident and she married again, but her husband struggles to put food on the table.

A little over a year ago their house burned down and they lost one of their children in that fire. “It was an absolutely devastating time for our family…” shared Cristina. She came with three children to receive dental care.

Rodrigo is 14 years old, and he came with the intention of getting teeth pulled. After making the overall diagnosis the dentist suggested that he should get his front top incisor teeth treated because he had cavities in all four and it was something that would become a bigger problem in the future.

Once they finished the work,  he was beaming all over and expressed, “I am so thankful that you came and for this opportunity to get my teeth fixed because I don’t know that I ever would have been able to do this. It saved my teeth.”

Cristina thanked the team over and over for coming and giving her family an opportunity to get their teeth fixed and deliver smiles all around.

You too can help people like Cristina and her children. Through your generous donation to the Smiles for Everyone Foundation, you are able to help put smiles on the faces of children and families around the world.