Westminster Smile Project

Darrel’s income and lack of dental coverage made him a candidate for the Community Smile Project. Although he is a veteran, having served in the Air Force for over 20 years, and has access to dentists through the Veterans Administration (VA), he readily admits they make him nervous.


Euless Smile Project

When Mary Gallaher was a sophomore in college, she fainted and took the brunt of the fall with her face. “When I came to, I was spitting out what I thought were pebbles,” she recalls. “But they weren’t pebbles – they were my teeth.”


Juan David’s Story

Juan David is a child with a cleft palate who has undergone surgery three times causing him to be scared of doctors and needles. His parents brought him to our dental outreach in Paraguay, knowing his teeth needed care. After two days of spending time with Juan David, he was finally ready to receive the… Read more »