Before receiving a new smile from the Mission Viejo Bright Now! Dental team, courtesy of the Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s Community Smile Project, Joseph Gardiner found the simple, everyday activity of eating a chore. Worried he might stab a nerve each time he took a bite, Joseph stayed away from the dentist for more than four years before walking into the Mission Viejo office.

Nominated to receive complimentary treatment by an employee at the Irvine Business Support Office, Joseph says while he wasn’t “thrilled” to get in the dental chair, he was “very happy to get the work done.”

“Joseph could have had health issues in the future because of his extensive dental work,” says Lead Dentist Dr. Ngoc Tran. “He was so grateful for the treatment he received.”

What also made Joseph happy, he says, was the customer service he received from the Mission Viejo team. “They are very professional, courteous and friendly, as well as attentive to patients. If I need work done [in the future], I’m coming here.”

Everyone deserves to sit down to the dinner table without anxiety. Because of his CSP experience, Joseph can now “dig in” with confidence.

“I can’t thank you enough for giving me comfort and a second chance with my teeth,” adds Joseph. “You made this long dental journey an easy and pleasant experience.”