Studies show that smiling can influence mood, increase happiness, reduce stress and even retrain the brain to be more positive. So when a person smiles more, it can have many positive effects – and not just on the person smiling!

Crooked teeth and dental issues were keeping Pattee Barton from smiling. Then the team at the Stone Ridge Monarch Dental® office in San Antonio, Texas, learned about Pattee’s circumstances and financial situation and nominated her for the Community Smile Project. “Before Dr. [Jennifer] Quintanilla helped me, I was embarrassed to smile, so I didn’t do it very often. But now, I’m excited to smile – and I have more confidence!”

“We always enjoyed Ms. Barton’s bubbly and quirky personality,” said Office Manager Julia Temple. “Helping her improve her smile has given her the freedom to finally take care of other aspects of her life that otherwise would have been put aside,” Julia adds. “It was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. It helped us focus on what is truly important – helping those in need.”

Pattee, who received fillings, a crown and a new partial, is thrilled with her new smile – and the team that helped her. “I just love the team,” says Pattee. “They know what to do and when to do it, which makes me comfortable and excited about going to the dentist.”

One staff member said that Pattee recently told her about a new shirt she bought to share how she feels about her smile. It says, “I’m fabulous.” Hearing that from this CSP patient was the highlight of their day.