The A+ Dental Care team believes in giving back to the communities they serve and what better way than to donate dental services to area residents in need. The Day of Giving event was held at their recently acquired practice in Folsom, CA as a way to celebrate the group’s expansion into the Folsom community.

Dr. Jerry Castro, Dr. Tim Herman, Dr. Abdon Manaloto, Dr. Kayla Nguyen, Dr. Flaviane Peterson, Dr. Fernando Vargas, and the rest of the A+ Dental Care team donated their time and skills on September 9th to improve the oral health of the community. The team provided $30,000 in donated dental care for over 40 low income, under-insured individuals from the community. Co-sponsored with the Smile for Everyone Foundation, the Day of Giving is part of the foundation’s Community Smile Project that serves up to 2,000 patients per year nationwide.

Those who attended the event were very grateful for the care they received. Some patients diagnosed with serious dental conditions will receive additional pro bono follow up services. One of the patient’s treated early in the day was a woman in her thirties who needed extensive dental care. As soon as Dr. Abdon Manaloto numbed her mouth, she began to tear up. She expressed that she had been in excruciating pain for so long it was a relief to finally be out of that pain.

While attendees of the Day of Giving received much needed dental services, the A+ Dental Care team benefited as well. “It’s important to give back to your community. As a dentist, I feel that this is the most effective way that I can give back,” says Dr. Kayla Nguyen. “It is a wonderful experience to be able to help others and put a smile on their face.”

The A+ Dental Care team is looking forward to their next Day of Giving event which will be in March, 2018.