When Candelaria Ramirez, a recent immigrant from Central America, needed dental treatment, the Ocala, Fla., Bright Now!® Dental office stepped in to help.

“Candelaria Ramirez recently emigrated from El Salvador, Central America. Her daughter, who lives in the United States, wanted to give her mother a better and safer place to live,” says Maria Castellanos, Office Manager at the Ocala, Fla., Bright Now!® Dental office. “However, her daughter was unable to afford much needed dental treatment for her mother, and Candelaria did not have any income since she emigrated under very difficult circumstances.”

This is where the Ocala, Fla., Bright Now! Dental office Team stepped in to help. The Team members nominated Candelaria to receive complimentary dental treatment through the Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s Community Smile Project (CSP). “We saw an opportunity to use our skills in helping people and making them happy,” says Maria.

“I used to be in pain and didn’t like to smile,” says Candelaria. “The staff members provided excellent service, and were very friendly and professional. Today, I feel more confident to smile, and I’m very grateful God put them in my life.”

To express her gratitude to the Team members, Candelaria brought a large Salvadorian dish that the office enjoyed together. Maria reflects, “We always work as a Team, but after this experience and seeing the patient so happy, we realized that together we can make a big difference. It was a pleasure helping Candelaria because after all the difficulties she faced in life, this showed her there are also people willing to help one another.”

She concludes with words of encouragement: “If everyone helps people without expecting anything back, this world would be better place.”

Pictured above: The Ocala, Fla., Bright Now!® Dental office Team, back row, l – r: DA Sandra Escudero; DA Veronica Bustillo; Dr. Douglas Stafford; and PBC Adriana Echeverri. Front row, l – r: RDH Roaa Ghassan Fathi; patient’s daughter Anabel Ramirez; Community Smile Project patient Candelaria Ramirez; OM Maria Castellanos; and DA Lisa Edwards.


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