On January 29-31, 2018, our outpost in Nicaragua held a dental outreach at the school of the Yale community #2, located near the Department of Matagalpa. The team was able to treat 150 patients from the Yale villages, providing a total of 247 procedures, including cleanings and extractions.

Nicaraguan dentists who volunteered their time at this outreach include: Dr. Anielka Amuero,Dr. Valeria Ada Arguello Blandon, Dr. Karen Caceres, and Dr. Alicia Reyes.

Prior to the outreach, the team collaborated with community health leaders to visit the local communities and identify the individuals in need of dental care. Below is a story personally written by a gentleman who greatly benefited from the free dental services.

Alejandro’s Story

My name is Alejandro Pérez Chavarría. I am 29 years old. I am a member of the Bendicion Trinity Model Farm of the Yale #3 community.

I want to tell you that I heard around our farm that they were going to have a dental team and I felt the need to come to the consultation, because, if this care is available, you have to make the effort.

Before coming here I felt in trouble because it is not the same to have unhealthy teeth. I had a lot of pain and only bought medicines to calm the discomfort.

I did not go to the hospital once, because I knew that if I went they were not going to prescribe anything. I did not go to find a dentist because of a lack of money and how expensive a private practice consultation is, and transportation is expensive, since the distances are far.

Now I feel satisfied with the attention they give me here near the community. I am very happy because I can laugh freely. I was embarrassed before, because it was a problem. The doctors were very kind to assist me and caring. I am very grateful to them and to Acción Médica Cristiana and the Smiles for Everyone donor because they helped us with the transportation to the place of the consultation. I feel different and I can speak and laugh with confidence. Thank you