Monarch Dental has set a new record for the Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s Days of Giving. With providers and support staff from multiple Monarch Dental offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area volunteering their time this past Saturday, the team was able to provide free dental care for 108 low-income individuals in the community. The fillings, cleanings, extractions, and various other services received that day amounted to over $120,000 in donated dentistry.

Smiles for Everyone Foundation and Monarch Dental partnered with local non-profit organizations to refer individuals to the free dental day. Many patients came from SafeHaven, a support organization for victims of domestic violence; Harvesting International, a local food pantry; and Alliance for Children, a non-profit with the mission to protect children from child abuse.

One patient was so grateful for the services they received that they wanted to thank the providers in any way they could. With only $30 in their pocket, they told the doctor that it was all they could give, but insisted that the provider take it. The money was then donated to the Smiles for Everyone Foundation to help provide further dental care for additional people in need.

Patients checking out expressed their overwhelming gratitude for the services provided. Many had not seen a dentist in over a decade and were so thankful to hear about the free event in their community.

Smiles for Everyone Foundation has three more Days of Giving planned for Texas in 2018. They will be in San Antonio, Houston, and Austin in the months of June, July, and September, respectively. Please check back on for more information. The next Day of Giving will be in honor of our veterans. On April 21, the Foundation will welcome veterans and their dependents in the Olympia, WA community to receive dental care free of charge at the Bright Now! Dental office on Martin Way. Please visit the Smiles for Everyone website for more information.