Two years ago, Dr. Brian Elliot at the Fort Collins, Colo., Bright Now!® Dental office gave patient James Proby a brand new smile through the Community Smile Project (CSP). Following his treatment in July 2016, James wrote a touching letter to the Team. Below are some excerpts:

I must thank the Team members at Bright Now!® Dental for taking me in, and making me feel like family, as they solved a serious health and presentation issue for me. My teeth were in very bad condition, and Dr. Brian Elliot created a dental plan that not only restored my teeth, but gave me the confidence to continue doing the work I am passion about – helping the community – without the fear that my chipped teeth would be the only thing people would see. I want to sincerely thank the entire Team at Bright Now! Dental and I will ALWAYS come to Dr. Elliott’s office… he has a patient for life!


James Proby

Recently, James provided an update on his life and career:

I want to update Bright Now! Dental on where my career has gone since I participated in the Community Smile Project. I am the founder of The Men’s Xchange, a social enterprise and nonprofit business devoted to helping men dress better and become better men in their communities.

We (The Men’s Xchange) have been nominated for Best Social Enterprise Start of the Year by The Colorado Institute for Social Impact. I was listed among the most impactful graduates from The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I have been asked to be an opening day speaker with The Center of Nonprofit Excellence’s Non Profit Day!

I know that NONE of this could have happened without the help and assistance of Dr. Elliot and the Bright Now! Dental Team. THANK YOU… from me, from our community and from the hundreds of men we serve.

James Proby
Founder and Chief Ethos Officer of The Men’s Xchange

Read more about James’ Smile Makeover two years ago:

Soon after Dr. Brian Elliott began practicing at the Fort Collins, Colorado, Bright Now!® Dental office in February, he learned about the Community Smile Project (CSP). “The CSP gets you back to the reason you went into dentistry in the first place,” says Dr. Elliott about the Smiles for Everyone Foundation (SFEF) program that helps affiliated dentists provide free dental care to patients who can’t afford their treatment.

“James Proby was my patient for about six years,” Dr. Elliott explains. “He has spent most of his life helping others develop career skills and find jobs. He always accepted as much of my recommended treatment as he could afford, but financially he just couldn’t keep up. That’s why we nominated him – so that he could get to a better place to help others.”

Look Professional with a Healthy Smile
“I was the Director of Programs for the Urban League’s Pikes Peak Region, until the office closed due to budget constraints,” says James. “My teeth were in very bad condition, making it hard to be a role model of professionalism. By restoring my front teeth, Dr. Elliott gave me the confidence to continue doing the work I’m passionate about.” Dr. Elliott also restored James’ posterior teeth, which addressed the digestive issues he’d dealt with for 20 years.

After completing treatment, James contacted the Ft. Collins team to praise their service, as well as Dr. Elliott’s care. “The staff treated me so professionally and with such congeniality that I felt like family,” wrote James. “They greeted me by name and made me feel welcomed and valued, as a client and as a person.”

James also appreciated Dr. Elliott’s thorough and thoughtful approach. “As he explained each procedure he’d ask, ‘Does that feel okay? Any pain there? OK, we’re going to do X or Y now…’ Dr. Elliott explained each process so that I completely understood and never felt condescended to. I will always come to Dr. Elliott for my dental care; he has a patient for life!

“Plus, I’ll refer clients to Bright Now! Dental because I know the outcomes and trust the hearts of the staff!” added James. “They have proven their compassion and desire to help.”

Next Chapter for the Patient and the Practice
His new smile has given James the confidence to start a non-profit resource center to mentor men on being more presentable in business and becoming better fathers through effective parenting.

The incredible success of their first CSP patient has inspired Dr. Elliott and the Fort Collins team to take maximum advantage of the Community Smile Project by helping one patient in need per quarter. “By making a difference in the life of someone like James we indirectly touch the lives of his clients,” says Dr. Elliott. “That’s the best use of our skills for improving our community.”