On March 21-23, 2018, our Nicaragua International Outpost team conducted their second outreach in Matagalpa this year, serving 150 individuals in need. The outreach was carried out in the communities of Yale #2. Along with treating new patients, follow up care was provided to those who needed it after attending their first outreach in January. Dr. Anielka Amuero, Dr. Valeria Ada Arguello Blandon, Dr. Karen Caceres, and Dr. Alicia Reyes, all who volunteered at the first outreach, returned to Matagalpa on these days to deliver dental care to more individuals in need.

Of the 150 patients treated, 50 were school-age children and 100 were adults. Within this group, 55% were women who belong to some form of committee or organization from Yale # 2 and families from Land Bank Trinity Blessing at Yale # 3 (it’s a sector of the community).

The following is a story personally written by one of the patients about his experience at this dental outreach.


My name Erwin Martínez Pérez, they call me Elvin. I’m 22 years old. I was born in the Yale #2 community.

Before coming here, I thought to visit a dentist to get my teeth taken out, but it is expensive. To remove each piece costs C $ 200.00 (two hundred córdobas, about $6 US dollars) each, plus transportation because you have to go to La Dalia.

I heard that some doctors had come to consult my community, I went to the community leader Erick William to ask for a spot on the patient list and he told me to go and that they would attend for me there and that the care was free.

Today I was going to have my teeth removed, but the doctors told me they would not do that, that they could still save them, “Well,” I said, “She’s the doctor and she knows.” Then I let her do the work.

It is important to feel comfortable with my teeth and it was a great opportunity because the attention came to the community, I did not have money for this and I am very happy because they composed my teeth, besides if I pulled them out I had to lose one or two days of work and now I’m not going to lose work or teeth.

There are many who need attention for the teeth, when one walks the damaged teeth is a problem; he cannot talk, nor go out, nor laugh freely.

I’m grateful to AMC and Smiles for Everyone Foundation, all it takes is just the will to come so that one can have with healthy teeth and like new.

Thank you for the support in different ways of the organizations of Accion Medica Cristiana and the Smiles Foundation, I am very happy for everything you do. My mom is a leader and has also been benefited, thank you very much for all your support.