“Just look at that smile!” says Office Manager Dana Kennedy at the Lake Stevens, Wash., Bright Now!® Dental office. Dana is referring to Dianne Lebar, a patient who recently received complimentary dental treatment through the Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s Community Smile Project (CSP) at the Lake Stevens office.

Dana writes:

“Dianne first visited the Lake Stevens office in 2016 with concerns about her smile. The dentist discussed what she liked and didn’t like about her smile and then devised a game plan on how the dentist could not only make her smile again, but love her smile again! Unfortunately, for financial reasons, she was unable to afford the full plan.

“We addressed this situation with Washington Northwest DMO Nicole Witherbee and Lead Dentist Dr. Samiramis Sando, and they suggested we nominate Dianne for the Community Smile Project. We submitted the application for Dianne and it was approved.

“Dianne is not only a kind, sweet soul, but a fighting champion; she is a three-time cancer survivor and even had heart surgery recently. Our Team members are all so happy and grateful to have had the privilege of giving Dianne a new smile. Her family members have even left online reviews on how thankful and happy she is.”  

Reflecting on this project, Dana comments, “We have always been Team players, but helping this CSP patient has brought us even closer together!”