Our Paraguay International Outpost Team has kept busy delivering Smiles to their surrounding communities since the summer trips.

In November 2018, the team conducted three outreaches, serving nearly 80 people in need.

Comunidad Ache, Cerro Moroti, Iglecia Renacimento

In the department of CAAGUAZÚ in the San Joaquín area, there are 5 different Guaraní native communities: Hugua Rory (Ava Guaraní), Tekoha Mirĩ (Mbya), Modaymi (Mbya), Tekoha Porã Campito (Mbya) and Cerro Morotĩ (Aché). The team conducted two outreaches in early November at the Comunidad Ache in the community of Cerro Moroti.

The patients who attended the clinic with the RELIEP team in October requested that a dental outreach be conducted in their community. The desire and need for dental care from the community was so dire that one of the girls remained in the room after her appointment, waiting to be seen again the same day.

Grupo La Nina de Tus Ojos, Lamabaré, Diaconia

The third outreach in November was help for the Grupo La Niñas de Tus Ojos in the city of Lambaré in the Arapoty district, an area known for sheltering many recyclers (those who dig through the local landfill for a living.) These individuals were very grateful for the care they were given as well as the lesson that was taught by one of the volunteers on how to properly brush their teeth.

Great work, Team Paraguay!