“She was over the moon – absolutely ecstatic with the final results!” says Stacy McGinnis, Office Manager at the Portland, Ore., Bright Now! Dental office.

When Team members at the Portland practice provided patient Barbara Rhodes complimentary dental treatment through the Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s Community Smile Project (CSP), they gave her more than a new smile – they helped her start a new life!

“We nominated Barbara because for years, she had been hiding her smile,” explains Stacy. “She wanted to restore her smile to start over in her career search – however, she was uninsured and did not have the financial resources to seek dental care. Dr. Nick Le treated Barbara with full mouth extractions, bone grafts and full upper and lower dentures. At the end of the treatments, Barbara was so excited about her new smile!”

The story’s happy ending doesn’t end there. Stacy says, “Today, Barbara is thriving! She landed a full-time position working in the billing department at a new company, and confidently interacts with many people! She got her own apartment – and a cat! She told me that now, after 10 years of eating limitations, she can chew steak again.

“Overall, this experience not only changed Barbara’s life,” reflects Stacy, “it also boosted Team morale when we saw her beautiful smile – all our hard work reaped a priceless reward!”

Thank you to Dr. Nick Le, Stacy McGinnis and the Bright Now! Dental- Portland Team for giving Barbara her Smile back!