Through the Smiles for Everyone Foundation, the Bellingham, Wash., Bright Now! Dental office Team members give Westley Hicks, Community Smile Project patient, a new smile!

“The Smiles for Everyone Foundation (SFEF) has the ability  to make dreams a reality!” writes Bridgett Bullard, Office Manager at the Bellingham, Wash., Bright Now! Dental office, on a form nominating Westley Hicks as a Community Smile Project (CSP) patient.

“Westley has great dental needs after years of neglect,” explains Bridgett. “He started treatment at our office and started to see significant positive changes in his oral health and was excited to continue. Unfortunately, he spent more than he could afford and already had exhausted his insurance for the year; he found himself unable to continue treatment due to financial constraints, despite continuously being in excruciating pain.

“Although Westley is a fantastic person – a joy to be around – he struggled for years, being ashamed of his smile due to the state of his teeth,” continues Bridgett. “Where Westley falls short on financial means, that’s where we believe the Foundation can step in!”

Bridgett’s nomination form was not submitted in vain, as Westley received complimentary dental treatment at the Bellingham practice. “Working with Westley was a true pleasure,” reflects Bridgett. “All the Team members who helped during this journey were touched by him. It warmed our hearts to see him start the project with grateful tears. It was also a great Team-building experience, since we communicated and worked together to ensure a seamless process.

“The final result was the most memorable moment,” says Bridgett. “Westley’s smile was the biggest and brightest we’ve ever seen; we could all see the huge confidence boost!”