Bright Now!® Dental Delivers Smiles for the Summer Holiday!

Volunteers from Bright Now! Dental offices in Central Florida kicked off their Independence Day celebrations by serving their local community. Four dentists and their patriotic support staff hosted the Orlando Day of Giving, where 92 underinsured patients received free services such as cleanings, exams, fillings, extractions, and more. These individuals were informed about the event through local nonprofit organizations that partnered with the Smiles for Everyone Foundation. Some of these groups include The Salvation Army of Orlando, Heart of Florida United Way, and Samaritan Resource Center.

The Orlando Team delivered over $45,000 of donated dentistry to the patients, who were more than ecstatic to receive the care. “Thank you so much for the work you put into helping the community,” cheered patient Ryan K.  “You really are making a difference. The service was amazing and I couldn’t be happier!” In agreement, patient Eric R. chimed, “You all are an incredible blessing. Thank you so much for your charitable hearts.”

The Smiles for Everyone Foundation would like to thank the entire Team, including Dr. Alexander Duque, Dr. Azany Reyes, Dr. Angel Rivers-Castro, and Dr. Melissa Williams for travelling from all around of Florida to volunteer at this event. It was their hard work and dedication that allowed us to deliver Smiles in Orlando just in time for the summer holiday!

The next Day of Giving that the Foundation is hosting will be at Monarch Dental® in Mesquite, TX on July 13th. Please visit for more information.