In 2018, Laurie Campbell was diagnosed with stage 3 endometrial cancer. After six sessions of chemotherapy and months of true strength, Laurie was cancer free! But her struggle did not end there.

The radiation from Laurie’s chemotherapy sessions  killed a portion of her colon, causing her to need four surgeries and gave her cataracts in both eyes. 2019 brought four additional surgeries and many hardships for Laurie and her family. Within the last two years, all the medical treatment Laurie had received caused her family to go into extreme debt.

The chemotherapy and surgeries also started to cause deterioration of Laurie’s teeth. This is something that she really wanted to fix but simply could not afford it.

When Bright Now! Dental in Westminster, Colorado heard Laurie’s story, they really wanted to give her a reason to Smile. Laurie is someone who enjoys making others Smile so the team nominated her for a Smile Makeover, saying they would be “forever grateful if we were able to return the favor.”

The Bright Now! Dental Team in Westminster, Colorado conducted full mouth extractions and complete upper and lower dentures so Laurie could finally Smile proudly again.

Thank you Dr. Braxton Haremza and Team for restoring Laurie’s Smile!