Monarch Dental® Delivers Smiles in North Little Rock, AR

Volunteers from Monarch Dental® partnered with the Smiles for Everyone Foundation to provide free dental services for underinsured individuals at the Little Rock Day of Giving. Six doctors and their eager support staff delivered nearly $45,000 of donated dentistry to members of local nonprofit organizations. Some of these groups include Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas and Heart of Arkansas United Way.

The North Little Rock Team was able to provide free cleanings, fillings, extractions, and more to over 100 patients without access to adequate dental care. In addition, they were able to make a positive impact on the patients’ lives. One disabled individual was brought to tears when the Team was able to successfully restore her two front teeth. Another confessed that it was the best day of his life after the Team offered to provide him with further pro bono treatment through the Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s Smile Makeover program. Every patient was treated with an abundance of compassion and understanding that compelled them to leave the event with bright smiles on their faces!

The Smiles for Everyone Foundation would like to give a warm thanks to all of our hardworking volunteers, including Dr. LaRhonda Apata, Dr. Caleb Bauer, Dr. Andrew Kinzler, Dr. Logan Kuhn, Dr. Shelley Sanford, and Dr. Richard Smith. It is each of their compassion and dedication that allowed us to deliver Smiles in North Little Rock!