This past December, our local Nicaragua Team delivered Smiles to 150 patients during a 2-day outreach at a primary school in the Matagalpa region!

The Outreach was held in the primary school of the community of Montecristo, Yale in the Matagalpa region, located 20 km from the municipal capital of La Dalia, with an approximate population of 380 inhabitants. Our partner, Acción Médica Cristiana, is currently implementing a community development project in sustainable agriculture and maternal and child health, supported by the partner agency World Renew. This dental outreach was a great addition to these initiatives.

A total of 150 patients were treated. This included 65 boys and girls who were selected from the school in collaboration with the teacher and with the supervision of the promoter of the local team. 85 adults were also selected by the community leadership according to their needs.

During the three day outreach, the team provided 35 cleanings, 141 fillings and 115 extractions to these 150 patients, who do not have regular access to dental care.

Patient Story

Jeymi Pérez Guillen is 19 years old and lives in the Montecristo community. She was treated at this outreach that took place in her community. Before coming to the clinic, she was so scared and thought it would be very painful because her front teeth were severely damaged that she thought she would lose them. Her friends convinced her by saying “it doesn’t hurt, they will give you anesthesia.” She thought that if she could get her teeth fixed, it was worth it. And it was! Jeymi is very grateful for the work that was done on their teeth, it is the first time that a dental outreach has been carried out in Montecristo and she would not have been able to pay for this consultation outside her community.

We would like to thank the local Nicaragua Outpost Team for delivering nearly 1,000 Smiles in their communities in 2019!