This quarter, the SFEF Philippines team served an outreach in Talaingod, Davao del Norte. The team braved 11 hours of travel time and challenging roads with cliffs to reach a tribe that had been suffering from extreme poverty and malnutrition.

Community members were ecstatic to see the plates of rice and “pandit” served to them by our SFEF team after only eating bananas and sweet potatoes.


Additionally, our team provided free dental care to the community members, who, in their difficult-to-reach location and state of poverty, do not have access to dental care. Although our team was soaking wet due to the rainfall that day, they reported back that the massive impact they were able to make on the community made it all so worth it! Over 600 recipients from the community benefited from the Dental and Medical Missions and the Feeding and Gift-giving Programs initiated by SFEF Philippines on this day.


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