In March of this year, the Smiles for Everyone Laos team travelled far to the Mueang-Fueang district, Vientiane. It was critical for the team to travel to this location as there are many people who have very limited access to dental care and proper oral hygiene, and often none at all. The team planned on helping on treating 500 people, but they were able to treat 677!

There were students, parents, members of the general public, village chiefs, and teachers, who all visited the outpost and were so excited to receive dental treatment as this was the first time such a service had been available to them. Because of this, all of the patients needed extensive treatments. Our team worked diligently to meet these needs. The village headman, at 55 years old, expressed that he was overjoyed that so many village residents and students were given care, and he invited the team to return if they ever have the opportunity.

We are so proud of our SFEF Laos team of dentists and volunteers who make this amazing impact possible!

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