The Paraguay Smiles for Everyone Outpost has done excellent work this last year. Dr. Andrea joined Smiles for Everyone this year and has already put a team together, set up clinics, and received patients in homes in Paraguay.

One of these patients was Shirley, a 36-year-old woman who had come to the outpost with no front teeth. As she works as a nail technician, she had glued teeth onto a prosthetic with nail adhesive to have a smile at work. The Paraguay team, however, was able to treat her and give her a healthy and beautiful smile. Her whole family has now been transformed as her self-esteem and confidence have increased, as well as her confidence at work!

Another impact story from the Paraguay Outpost is of Sara, a 48-year-old woman whose daughter was already a patient of Dr. Andrea. Sara’s daughter encouraged her mother to have a consultation as Sara had her upper prosthesis for more than 20 years and they were broken. She had not had any dental care since receiving the prosthesis. Dr. Andrea gave Sara a free consultation and treatment. She extracted Sara’s missing five lower roots and gave her a new prosthesis. Sara said that she is “very happy with [her] new dentures and beautiful smile” and “is so thankful for everyone at the Smile for Everyone Foundation for giving [her] these services”.

We are so excited to see the fantastic work the Paraguay outpost continues to do in 2023 as Smiles for Everyone continues to bring dignity and confidence through bright and healthy smiles!


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