Dr. Dovale and the remarkable Bright Now! Melbourne, Florida team had the amazing opportunity to change the life of Sandrea Sharter. Sandrea, a hardworking restaurant employee, had been avoiding the dentist for quite some time since she was embarrassed by the absence of most of her teeth. This led her to endure the pain of an oral infection. When the infection became unbearable, she walked into the Melbourne office conveniently located across the street from her workplace.

Bright Now Melbourne, Dr Dovale and Sandrea

Sandrea was in so much pain and shared her situation with Sonya, the Patient Care Coordinator, hoping the office could help. Dr. Dovale and the team felt an overwhelming sense of compassion and were determined to assist her in any way possible. Through the Community Smile Project, they extracted all her infected teeth and gave her a full set of dentures.

Sandrea Smile


After seeing her new smile, Sandrea cried in joy. She was so happy with her treatment and believed that this experience had truly altered her life since she no longer had to hide her smile in embarrassment. She is forever grateful to Dr. Dovale and his team for their dedication to helping her.

Let’s celebrate the team at Bright Now! Melbourne for being the life-changing solution Sandrea was looking for. Watch the videos below to hear more of Sandrea’s story and watch her Smile Reveal!


Sandrea’s Story

Smile Reveal!

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