In the largest immigration port of entry in the world located in California, USA, and Baja California, Mexico, a group of dedicated individuals are volunteering to bring smiles and dental health to those who need it most!

This last month the SFEF Mexico Outpost Leader shared that the outpost’s dental activities are set to double in frequency, going from monthly to weekly clinics. This expansion is a testament to the team’s hard work and determination to reach those in need. With new dental locations half a mile from the border, they are opening doors to more underserved communities.

What makes this development even more remarkable is their partnership with another foundation that has been providing essential services since 2002. One significant milestone for the SFEF Mexico Outpost is the permanent display of their banner in this vital immigrant shelter. This collaboration will allow them to offer dental care with hot meals, showers, housing, and general medical consultations to approximately 500 patients every Saturday. These patients consist of immigrants and the homeless from all over Latin America, Haiti, and Ukraine. Meanwhile, their existing location continues its vital work, concentrating on addressing the dental needs of those requiring immediate care.

Immigrants and homeless people share a hot meal

The leader of the SFEF Mexico Outpost expresses their gratitude and pride in being part of the world’s most significant dental foundation. The support provided by SFEF goes beyond financial backing, extending to high-quality medical equipment, instruments, consumables, and a professional team of doctors and volunteers. It’s a global network of compassion that enables them to uphold the highest standards of dental care!

Patients wait in-line to receive the SFEF Mexico Outpost’s services

Today, they are honored to serve not only their fellow Mexicans but also individuals from Cuba, Haiti, France, and beyond. Thanks to interns from the University of San Diego and their friends, interpreters bridge the gap between Spanish, French, Creole, and English.

Children receive free dental care

Patients expressed their deep gratitude to SFEF, and a volunteer shared how this experience took her medical expectations to a higher level. She expressed that SFEF’s work is not just about medical care; it’s about dignity and the love shared through not only words but actions as well.

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