Dr. Yamilet was born in Asunción on February 22, 1983 and is the adopted daughter of Ruperto Torres and Isabel Garcia. At a young age, Dr. Yamilet saw a dentist working in her community and decided that her dream was to one day become a dentist as well. Although the odds of reaching that dream seemed impossible due to her family circumstances, she continued to dream big.

Dr. Yamilet finished high school in Asunción, and went on to study to become a Registered Nurse in 2002. She worked hard to pay her way through school, graduating in 2007. Since 2011, she has been working at a public hospital in Asunción, where she currently supervises 400 team members. In 2013, she was accepted to the University of Science of Health to study Dentistry, specifically General Odontology.

In 2019 she began working for the Smiles for Everyone Foundation in Asunción, Paraguay, serving people living in limited conditions and giving people back their smiles.