Judah Mooney, President of Diaconia ADP, founded his nonprofit organization to help break the cycle of poverty in Paraguay for single-parent families. Diaconia ADP provides micro-loans to women who want to support themselves and their families. Prior to founding Diaconia ADP, Judah developed a network of 350 nutrition centers across Paraguay to provide regular meals for over 20,000 children from families in poverty and designed a vocational training program for their parents to learn job-related skills.

Judah has worked with projects in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America that benefited thousands of needy children and families. As a member of the Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s International Outpost in Paraguay, Judah and Diaconia ADP provide much needed support to under-served Paraguayans without access to dental care. Judah is married to Mary and has a daughter, Emily Grace.