The Smiles for Everyone Foundation would like to thank its partners, sponsors and donors, all of whom help make it possible to continue to deliver Smiles for Everyone!


We are grateful for our sponsors who help further our mission of providing free dental care to individuals in need both at home and around the world.

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We strategically partner with organizations around the world to effectively increase the impact of our programs.

Testimony from Diaconia:
By partnering with Smiles for Everyone Foundation, today Diaconia is able to impact thousands of lives of children and women living in vulnerable situations in Paraguay. By working together, we have successfully created a network of local Paraguayan dentists and equipped them to give voluntarily of their skills, and their time to serve those in need.

As Diaconia seeks to sustainability improve the quality of life of families living in poverty, Smiles for Everyone Foundation grants these families the confidence to smile and live a healthier life.  Our goal is to encourage holistic development in those we serve, and through our partnership with the Foundation, we can alleviate the suffering that thousands of people live in. Together we add personal value, and provide a new reason to smile.


Testimony from Accion Medica Cristiana:
For AMC Rosita Field Staff, Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s support means being able to provide oral health services to communities with the most difficult access in one of the most impoverished parts of Nicaragua, where there is also very little awareness of oral health prevention in and where best practices in health are often not seen as a priority.

In recent years, thanks to Smiles for Everyone Foundation support, dental workers, the AMC technical team together with community health leaders have done a great job in raising awareness of oral health and hygiene, through education campaigns for the general population that are incorporated into each Outreach.