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Reaching New Heights in the Philippines

In the spirit of compassion and community service, the Smiles for Everyone Foundation embarked on a transformative journey throughout 2023 in the Philippines, bringing free dental services to underserved communities in Mindanao and Luzon in the last months of the year. Let's take a look at the foundation's remarkable efforts and the positive impact they've made in the lives of the Aeta/Ata, Ata-Manobo, and T'boli tribes.  
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Providing Dental and Emotional Care for the Children of Thailand

This quarter, the Smiles for Everyone Thailand outpost received an invitation to provide dental treatment to those still affected by the devastating tsunami that struck 14 years ago in southern Thailand. Among the places they served was an orphanage housing about 150 children, with 80% of them being children from Myanmar and the Mogen people, a tribe living between Thailand and Myanmar. These children face a unique challenge as many are unregistered and lack citizenship in any country, leaving them with no access to dental care.
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Crossing Mountains to Serve the Matigsalug Tribe

The SFEF Philippines volunteers travelled for 2 hours driving and over 1 hour walking, crossing 3 mountains, just to get to this remote area and serve the Matigsalug tribe. Only motorcycles with wings attached to them and horses can enter the slippery and rough roads, so the team leader rented motorcycles to transport the supplies.

A Life-Changing Smile for Sandrea

Dr. Dovale and the remarkable Bright Now! Melbourne, Florida team had the amazing opportunity to change the life of Sandrea Sharter. Sandrea, a hardworking restaurant employee, had been avoiding the dentist for quite some time since she was embarrassed by the absence of most of her teeth. This led her to endure the pain of an oral infection. When the infection became unbearable, she walked into the Melbourne office conveniently located across the street from her workplace. Bright Now Melbourne, Dr Dovale and Sandrea