Olympia Day of Giving 2017

Our Olympia Day of Giving was a fantastic event focused on providing pro bono dental services for veterans and their dependents. Over 40 volunteers from nine area Bright Now! Dental Locations gathered at the Olympia, WA office on Saturday, September 23rd to deliver Smiles for Veterans. Nearly all the volunteers were either veterans or were from militaryfamilies, and they understand how difficult it can be for veterans to access care.

Arcanum Smile Project

Barb Eilerman, Office Manager at the Bright Now! Dental in Arcanum, Ohio, met patient Jennifer Fields when she came to the office for a standard examination due to lower arch pain. Says Barb, “Dr. Ermenc gave her a treatment plan, and she said she couldn’t afford the work. Because she was in pain and really needed help, I started checking into the Community Smile Project [CSP] for her.”

Maple Valley Smile Project

Overcoming our fears is never easy, but it certainly helps when you have a few friendly faces to guide you through. That was the case for Tatsiana “Tanya” Komarovich, a shy, sweet, 11 year old from Belarus. Thanks to the Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s Community Smile Project, Tanya received treatment at the Bright Now!® Dental office in Maple Valley, Washington, earlier this summer.

Nashville Day of Giving 2015

A team of 33 affiliated providers and employees from offices in Tennessee gathered at two Nashville Castle Dental offices to give people in need a reason to smile. The one-day event in mid-August not only lifted up some people without access to dental care, it gave the volunteers a renewed sense of purpose.

Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth is 27 and already suffers from severe dental issues. For years she has had trouble eating and been embarrassed to laugh or smile. As a school teacher in Nicaragua she earns $40 a month which has made it difficult for her to afford the care she needs.

Westminster Smile Project

Darrel’s income and lack of dental coverage made him a candidate for the Community Smile Project. Although he is a veteran, having served in the Air Force for over 20 years, and has access to dentists through the Veterans Administration (VA), he readily admits they make him nervous.

Juan David’s Story

Juan David is a child with a cleft palate who has undergone surgery three times causing him to be scared of doctors and needles. His parents brought him to our dental outreach in Paraguay, knowing his teeth needed care. After two days of spending time with Juan David, he was finally ready to receive the fillings that he needed from our compassionate team.

Cristina’s Story

Cristina has five of her own children and two from her second marriage. Her first husband died in a farming accident and she married again, but her husband struggles to put food on the table. A little over a year ago their house burned down and they lost one of their children in that fire. “It was an absolutely devastating time for our family…” shared Cristina. She came with three children to receive dental care.

Villa Elisa Outreach

During our team's two day outreach to Villa Elisa in Paraguay, they provided care for 68 people and met a special young lady, Cesia. Cesia is fifteen years old and had a severe cavity in one of her front incisors. She never wanted to smile because she was embarrassed of the large hole in her tooth. Our team was able to provide her the dental care that she needed and give her a beautiful new smile.