Juan David’s Story

Juan David is a child with a cleft palate who has undergone surgery three times causing him to be scared of doctors and needles. His parents brought him to our dental outreach in Paraguay, knowing his teeth needed care. After two days of spending time with Juan David, he was finally ready to receive the… Read more »


Cristina’s Story

Cristina has five of her own children and two from her second marriage. Her first husband died in a farming accident and she married again, but her husband struggles to put food on the table. A little over a year ago their house burned down and they lost one of their children in that fire…. Read more »


Villa Elisa Outreach

During our team’s two day outreach to Villa Elisa in Paraguay, they provided care for 68 people and met a special young lady, Cesia. Cesia is fifteen years old and had a severe cavity in one of her front incisors. She never wanted to smile because she was embarrassed of the large hole in her… Read more »