Barb Eilerman, Office Manager at the Bright Now! Dental in Arcanum, Ohio, met patient Jennifer Fields when she came to the office for a standard examination due to lower arch pain. Says Barb, “Dr. Ermenc gave her a treatment plan, and she said she couldn’t afford the work. Because she was in pain and really needed help, I started checking into the Community Smile Project [CSP] for her.”

Dr. Gregory Ermenc, Lead Dentist, loves the CSP and suggested that he and Barb nominate Jennifer for the CSP. She was their first CSP patient and it was a great experience for all. According to Barb, everyone in the office thinks it’s wonderful to be able to help someone like they did Jennifer.

“She had two teeth extracted that were causing pain, and received a cleaning, some fillings and dentures. She already had a partial lower denture, but she needed a new one to cover the new extractions. She also received a full upper denture to replace one that was basically non-serviceable.”

Now that Jennifer’s mouth is back to being healthy, her teeth feel better and she has more self-confidence. Barb says Jennifer was very thankful and even wanted a copy of the photographs she took with the team. What’s even better, Jennifer has already scheduled her recall appointment for her next exam and cleaning!