Over $80,000 in donated dentistry was provided during a record-breaking Day of Giving in Temecula, California on February 11. With 50 volunteers- including dentists, hygienists, assistants, and front office staff- we were able to deliver Smiles for 80 underserved individuals at the Bright Now! Dental office on Temecula Parkway.

Procedures ranged from a simple cleaning to wisdom teeth extractions, and patients were grateful of the services they received. One gentleman who only had four teeth was so happy to get them cleaned. Others were grateful to finally be free of pain after getting their teeth extracted.

“No words to express my gratuity in helping with my pain and fear of the dentist,” said Karina Buse. She was having severe molar pain but is uninsured and was unable to get the care she needed before this event.

Bianca Tektonopoulous said it was the “best care I’ve ever had. Dr. Fossman was so great.”

Great care goes further than the dental work. Jaquelin Melendrez was grateful for the care she received from the volunteers, but she was most impressed by the enthusiasm and genuine love for the work they were doing. She says, “you guys seem like you really like what you do.” She said everyone was very nice and made her feel comfortable despite not having been to the dentist in over two years.

We look forward to setting a new record in the future! The foundation’s next event will be held at the Bright Now! Dental office in Avondale, Arizona on February 24, 2018.