Ruslan Chorniy, a 10-year old orphan visiting from Russia, received complimentary dental treatment at the Spokane, Wash., Bright Now! Dental office.

The Smiles for Everyone Foundation strives to deliver life-changing smiles to those in need, not only in the U.S., but around the world. Recently, the Spokane, Wash., Bright Now!® Dental office provided complimentary dental treatment to Community Smile Project patient Ruslan Chorniy, a 10-year old orphan visiting from Russia.

“Hygienist Andrey Senchenko nominated Ruslan to receive the treatments, as he wouldn’t have the opportunity to receive dental care when he returns to the orphanage,” says Office Manager Jennifer Say. “Andrey knew of Ruslan through his friend from church, Audrey Arnaut, who hosted the boy through a program that gives orphans a chance to visit a country of their choice!

“Dr. Gregg Liedtka and his Team treated Ruslan with four fillings and a stainless steel crown,” continues Jennifer. “Although there was a language barrier, it was such a heartwarming and Team-building experience. We were happy to help to provide smiles to this precious boy!”