DDS Lab Sponsors Free Dental Clinic in Herndon, VA

On November 2nd, five dentists and their dedicated support staff hosted a Day of Giving at Bright Now!® Dental in Herndon, VA, sponsored by DDS Lab. DDS Lab is a full-service national dental lab that has been a proud partner of the Smiles for Everyone Foundation for many years. DDS Lab also supports the Foundation’s newest program called Implanting Inspiration, donating custom abutments and crowns for select recipients of free dental implants. The company was excited to continue supporting the Foundation by sponsoring the Herndon Day of Giving.

Volunteers at the event were able to use DDS Lab’s generous donation to help provide free cleanings, fillings, extractions and more to nearly 60 underinsured patients. Many of the individuals treated were referred to the event by local nonprofit organizations such as Dulles South Food Pantry, Loudon Abused Women’s Shelter and North Virginia Family Service.

“Thank you so much,” exclaimed patient Lisa W. “I feel very blessed to have been able to receive treatment at a time when I would otherwise not have been able to.” In agreement, another patient said, “It is a great opportunity for all of us who do not have insurance or enough money. Thank you very much for your work and many blessings.”

The Smiles for Everyone Foundation would like to thank both DDS Lab and the entire Team of volunteers, including Dr. Aws Altameemi, Dr. Cody Friddle, Dr. Sama Hamdoon, Dr. Hima-Bindu Reddy and Dr. Alain Selenou-Tema. It was their hard work and support that allowed us to deliver Smiles for Everyone® in the Herndon community for the second year in a row!