Exciting news from the Smiles For Everyone Foundation Mexico Outpost! Thanks to Dr. Serena and our team of dedicated dental professionals, we’re expanding our reach across Baja California to provide essential dental care where it’s needed most.

In Tijuana, Ensenada, and soon in Rosarito, Tecate, and Mexicali, we’re offering comprehensive dental services, including surgeries and follow-ups. Our partnership with Baja’s public university means more hands-on deck, ensuring better care for communities in need.

Plus, we’re proud to soon display our banner in their facilities, showcasing our joint commitment to oral health. Our revamped logistical system is already making a difference, streamlining our efforts to reach underserved areas.

To ensure no one is left behind, we’re gearing up to set up in areas lacking proper facilities. On February 29th, we celebrated Elderly Patient Day, serving 23 seniors across six community centres in Baja.

Our patients extended a heartfelt thanks to our team on the ground and the Smile Brands support that makes it all possible. Together, with sponsors and volunteers, we’re spreading smiles and improving lives. Thank you for joining us on this journey to brighter, healthier smiles for everyone.

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