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Reaching New Heights in the Philippines

In the spirit of compassion and community service, the Smiles for Everyone Foundation embarked on a transformative journey throughout 2023 in the Philippines, bringing free dental services to underserved communities in Mindanao and Luzon in the last months of the year. Let's take a look at the foundation's remarkable efforts and the positive impact they've made in the lives of the Aeta/Ata, Ata-Manobo, and T'boli tribes.  
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Providing Dental and Emotional Care for the Children of Thailand

This quarter, the Smiles for Everyone Thailand outpost received an invitation to provide dental treatment to those still affected by the devastating tsunami that struck 14 years ago in southern Thailand. Among the places they served was an orphanage housing about 150 children, with 80% of them being children from Myanmar and the Mogen people, a tribe living between Thailand and Myanmar. These children face a unique challenge as many are unregistered and lack citizenship in any country, leaving them with no access to dental care.
International Outposts /

Crossing Mountains to Serve the Matigsalug Tribe

The SFEF Philippines volunteers travelled for 2 hours driving and over 1 hour walking, crossing 3 mountains, just to get to this remote area and serve the Matigsalug tribe. Only motorcycles with wings attached to them and horses can enter the slippery and rough roads, so the team leader rented motorcycles to transport the supplies.

A Life-Changing Smile for Sandrea

Dr. Dovale and the remarkable Bright Now! Melbourne, Florida team had the amazing opportunity to change the life of Sandrea Sharter. Sandrea, a hardworking restaurant employee, had been avoiding the dentist for quite some time since she was embarrassed by the absence of most of her teeth. This led her to endure the pain of an oral infection. When the infection became unbearable, she walked into the Melbourne office conveniently located across the street from her workplace. Bright Now Melbourne, Dr Dovale and Sandrea

Reaching Those in Need in Laos

In March of this year, the Smiles for Everyone Laos team travelled far to the Mueang-Fueang district, Vientiane. It was critical for the team to travel to this location as there are many people who have very limited access to dental care and proper oral hygiene, and often none at all. The team planned on helping on treating 500 people, but they were able to treat 677!
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Dr. Jeffrey Pearson

Dr. Jeffrey Pearson has been caring for patients at Bright Now! Dental for over 11 years! As someone who is passionate about giving back to his community, Dr. Pearson was excited to partner with the Smiles for Everyone Foundation to help host the very first Day of Giving in 2015.

Waco Smile Makeover

Patient John Beaty had been experiencing a lot of pain in his mouth for years. Unable to afford dental care, Mr. Beaty was desperate, so much so that he even tried to take his teeth out with a hunting knife. His sister called the Smile Brands Inc. Contact Center for financing options, but really hoping for a miracle.

Rosita International Outreach

The people of the surrounding communities of Rosita in rural Nicaragua have little access to health care: there is only 1 dentist for every 50,000 people. In coordination with the Ministry of Health (MINSA) and Accion Medica Cristiana (AMC), the Smiles for Everyone Foundation took action to deliver smiles to those in need by sponsoring mobile dental care outreaches, assisting 10 different communities over the course of 9 days.

Chandler Day of Giving 2018

This past weekend, the Chandler team went the extra mile to help those in need! On October 7, 2018, Bright Now! Dental in Chandler, Arizona hosted a Day of Giving event to provide free dental services to underinsured individuals from the surrounding communities.

Fort Smith Day of Giving 2018

Monarch Dental, Fort Smith, AR knows a thing or two about giving back to their community. In partnership with Charolette Tidwell and Antioch Youth & Family, the Fort Smith Team has lent a helping hand to those in need for many years. It was only fitting that they would host a Day of Giving and give back using the skills they know best!

Austin Day of Giving 2018

On September 15, Castle Dental® in Austin, TX opened its doors to provide no cost dental services for those in need from their surrounding communities. Over 40 volunteers from neighboring Castle Dental offices arrived ready to serve many low-income, underinsured individuals who may not have seen a dentist in years.

Lake Stevens Smile Project

“Just look at that smile!” says Office Manager Dana Kennedy at the Lake Stevens, Wash., Bright Now!® Dental office. Dana is referring to Dianne Lebar, a patient who recently received complimentary dental treatment through the Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s Community Smile Project (CSP) at the Lake Stevens office.

Modesto Day of Giving 2018

On Sunday, August 12, Bright Now! Dental partnered with Smiles for Everyone Foundation to host a Day of Giving at their Modesto office. Providers and support staff from multiple offices in Northern California traveled many hours to Modesto that morning to provide free dental care to those in need.

2018 Paraguay International Outpost Trip

In 2011, Smile Brands Inc. sponsored its first week-long dental mission trip to Asuncion, Paraguay, where Smile Brands affiliated dentists and support staff donated their time and skills to provide dental care to 300 people in need around the community. The success of this trip sparked the first of many dental outreaches that the Smiles for Everyone Foundation would soon hold, both domestically in the United States, and abroad.

Fort Smith Smile Project

"She’s a loving mother, and a dedicated member to her church and community, always putting others first,” says Dr. Kenny Duff, Lead Dentist at the Fort Smith, Ark., Monarch Dental® office. “It was her church members who came forward and nominated her!”

Orlando Day of Giving 2018

On Saturday, June 2, 2018, volunteers from many Smile Brands affiliated offices around Florida came together for a Day of Giving at Bright Now! Dental in Orlando, Florida. Fifty individuals in need from the Orlando community received free dental care from these volunteers, totaling over $40,000 in donated dentistry. Procedures provided include cleanings, fillings, oral cancer screenings, extractions, and sealants.

Mountain View Day of Giving

Over the past few months, Grant Road Dental has been screening individuals in need to be candidates to receive free dental implants at the Mountain View Day of Giving. On Sunday, May 20, these individuals finally got their Smiles back and for many, the ability to bite and chew again.
Provider Spotlight /

Dr. Vidhya Sampath

Dr. Vidhyalakshmi Sampath has been serving patients at Bright Now! Dental for over 11 years. During this time, she has helped many patients improve their oral health and even detected a cancerous lump in a patient's mouth, which ultimately saved the patient's life. Dr. Sampath is an enthusiastic volunteer for Smiles for Everyone Foundation and has given her time and skills to help people in need throughout her community.

Olympia Day of Giving 2018

The Day of Giving for Veterans is an annual event that has been a truly rewarding experience for the volunteers who participate. Over thirty providers and support staff gathered at the Bright Now! Dental office in Olympia, Washington to host the 2018 Olympia Day of Giving this past weekend.
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SFEF Grants Funds for Tonga Outreach

William Courtney Fisher is a retired dentist from Kaysville, Utah. At the age of 66, the doctor still wanted to give his time to dentistry and to help those who can't afford dental care. So he has been in the Kingdom of Tonga for the past eleven weeks doing just that.

Burleson Day of Giving 2018

Monarch Dental has set a new record for the Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s Days of Giving. With providers and support staff from multiple Monarch Dental offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area volunteering their time this past Saturday, the team was able to provide free dental care for 108 low-income individuals in the community. The fillings, cleanings, extractions, and various other services received that day amounted to over $120,000 in donated dentistry.

Roseville Day of Giving 2018

"The Day of Giving is a great opportunity for me and my team to give back to our community.  The Day of Giving event is a reminder that there is a need for dental care in our community [and it] allows us to give back to those less fortunate who may have obstacles accessing dental care, " says Dr. Abdon Manaloto.

Avondale Day of Giving 2018

Over 50 individuals in the Avondale community received free dental care at Bright Now! Dental on February 24, 2018. “[It is] great to have so many people willing to help.” Herbert Tutrone, along with many other patients who received care that day, was very appreciative of the opportunity to receive free dental care after not having been to the dentist in over 12 years.

Temecula Day of Giving 2018

Over $80,000 in donated dentistry was provided during a record-breaking Day of Giving in Temecula, California on February 11. With 50 volunteers- including dentists, hygienists, assistants, and front office staff- we were able to deliver Smiles for 80 underserved individuals at the Bright Now! Dental office on Temecula Parkway.

Denver Day of Giving 2018

Over 25 volunteers from eight area Bright Now! Dental locations gathered at the Lakewood, Colo., office on Saturday, January 27, to provide nearly $30,000 in donated dentistry during a Day of Giving. The team worked to deliver care to over 40 underserved patients from the community, with services including checkups, cleanings, oral cancer screenings, fluoride treatments, fillings, and extractions.

Omkoi International Outreach

Our Thailand International Outpost continues to serve the people in need in their community through their many dental outreaches. On January 19-20, 2018, four dentists and fifteen support staff volunteered their time to deliver Smiles to 226 individuals in the Omkoi district of Chiangmai, Thailand.

Aurora Smile Project

When Amber Black was involved a traumatic car accident, she broke her jaw in several places which caused her to lose her front teeth, and along with that, her confidence to smile. As a full-time student, she did not possess the financial means to obtain much needed dental care. “My dental health was severely affecting my life. I was tremendously embarrassed, ashamed and fearful to smile,” reflects Amber.
Provider Spotlight /

Dr. Shorouq Sahawneh

For the past 15 years, Bright Now! Dental’s Dr. Shorouq Sahawneh has been helping patients improve their health and self-confidence by transforming smiles. She is an active partner of the Smiles for Everyone Foundation who has volunteered her time and skills to provide hundreds of hours of free dental care to individuals in need.

Orange Day of Giving 2017

Over 35 volunteers from 15 area Newport Dental and Bright Now! Dental Locations gathered at the Orange, CA office on Sunday October 22nd to participate in a Day of Giving, in collaboration with the Smiles for Everyone Foundation.

Fifty low-income individuals from the local community received free dental services throughout the day, including checkups, cleanings, oral cancer screenings, fluoride treatments, fillings, and extractions.

Olympia Day of Giving 2017

Our Olympia Day of Giving was a fantastic event focused on providing pro bono dental services for veterans and their dependents. Over 40 volunteers from nine area Bright Now! Dental Locations gathered at the Olympia, WA office on Saturday, September 23rd to deliver Smiles for Veterans. Nearly all the volunteers were either veterans or were from military families, and they understand how difficult it can be for veterans to access care.

Visalia Smile Project

It’s a tale of miraculous networking, connecting the dots and putting together puzzle pieces – ultimately culminating in a grand, beautiful picture. It’s the story of how Veronica Munguia, a widow and single mother of five boys, received complimentary dental treatment from the Bright Now!® Dental office in Visalia, Calif., courtesy of Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s Community Smile Project (CSP). But it’s also so much more than that.

Hayward Smile Project

“The first time Aide Romero came to the office was to serve as her mother’s interpreter,” says Hayward Office Manager Jessica Cortez. “When her mother asked if there was anything that Dr. Sood could do to help her daughter, we noticed that Aide had been talking with her hand over her mouth.

Orlando Smile Project

For 11 years, John Cherry has worked as a busboy/janitor at a diner where Ana Vazquez and her husband frequently stop to eat on their trips between Florida’s East Coast, where they live, and the West Coast where they have a vacation home. Over the past three years when they would visit this family-owned Greek café, John would smile and greet them – but never speak. “It was obvious he was missing several teeth and seriously needed dental care,” says Ana.

Euless Smile Project

It’s not every day you get to change someone’s life, but at Monarch Dental® in Euless, Texas, Lead Dentist Dr. Chaitra Shanthagowda (Dr. Gowda) and staff had that opportunity recently. Through the Community Smile Project (CSP), they were able to give patient Kaitlin Lovell a new smile, and a new outlook to go with it.

Hayword Smile Project

When fashion jewelry store employee, and recent Community Smile Project patient Kalee Gouff, first walked into the Hayward, California, Bright Now!® Dental office, she was in extreme pain and in need of emergency dental care. “The doctor extracted her tooth and she was really happy with how she was treated,” says Office Manager Jessica Cortez. “She said we didn’t make her feel embarrassed.”

Arcanum Smile Project

Barb Eilerman, Office Manager at the Bright Now! Dental in Arcanum, Ohio, met patient Jennifer Fields when she came to the office for a standard examination due to lower arch pain. Says Barb, “Dr. Ermenc gave her a treatment plan, and she said she couldn’t afford the work. Because she was in pain and really needed help, I started checking into the Community Smile Project [CSP] for her.”

Southern California Day of Giving

“I can’t thank you enough for such an outstanding ‘Day of Giving’!” wrote Dr. Shorouq Sahawneh, Lead Dentist, Costa Mesa, Calif., & PC President/Director of Clinical Care (DCC) for Southern California. “The flow of energy was amazing and everybody had a tremendous part in making the day successful. Seeing the smiles on those patients’ faces, and feeling how grateful they were, made the whole experience worthwhile. You definitely made a huge difference in those patients’ lives, one smile at a time.”

Maple Valley Smile Project

Overcoming our fears is never easy, but it certainly helps when you have a few friendly faces to guide you through. That was the case for Tatsiana “Tanya” Komarovich, a shy, sweet, 11 year old from Belarus. Thanks to the Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s Community Smile Project, Tanya received treatment at the Bright Now!® Dental office in Maple Valley, Washington, earlier this summer.

Nashville Day of Giving 2015

A team of 33 affiliated providers and employees from offices in Tennessee gathered at two Nashville Castle Dental offices to give people in need a reason to smile. The one-day event in mid-August not only lifted up some people without access to dental care, it gave the volunteers a renewed sense of purpose.

Mission Viejo Smile Project

Before receiving a new smile from the Mission Viejo Bright Now! Dental team, courtesy of the Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s Community Smile Project, Joseph Gardiner found the simple, everyday activity of eating a chore. Worried he might stab a nerve each time he took a bite, Joseph stayed away from the dentist for more than four years before walking into the Mission Viejo office.

Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth is 27 and already suffers from severe dental issues. For years she has had trouble eating and been embarrassed to laugh or smile. As a school teacher in Nicaragua she earns $40 a month which has made it difficult for her to afford the care she needs.

Westminster Smile Project

Darrel’s income and lack of dental coverage made him a candidate for the Community Smile Project. Although he is a veteran, having served in the Air Force for over 20 years, and has access to dentists through the Veterans Administration (VA), he readily admits they make him nervous.

Euless Smile Project

When Mary Gallaher was a sophomore in college, she fainted and took the brunt of the fall with her face. “When I came to, I was spitting out what I thought were pebbles,” she recalls. “But they weren’t pebbles – they were my teeth.”

Juan David’s Story

Juan David is a child with a cleft palate who has undergone surgery three times causing him to be scared of doctors and needles. His parents brought him to our dental outreach in Paraguay, knowing his teeth needed care. After two days of spending time with Juan David, he was finally ready to receive the fillings that he needed from our compassionate team.

Cristina’s Story

Cristina has five of her own children and two from her second marriage. Her first husband died in a farming accident and she married again, but her husband struggles to put food on the table. A little over a year ago their house burned down and they lost one of their children in that fire. “It was an absolutely devastating time for our family…” shared Cristina. She came with three children to receive dental care.

Villa Elisa Outreach

During our team's two day outreach to Villa Elisa in Paraguay, they provided care for 68 people and met a special young lady, Cesia. Cesia is fifteen years old and had a severe cavity in one of her front incisors. She never wanted to smile because she was embarrassed of the large hole in her tooth. Our team was able to provide her the dental care that she needed and give her a beautiful new smile.

Portland Smile Project

For years, Michael struggled with intense dental pain. He was missing teeth and had broken several, which became infected. When he first went to the Bright Now!® Dental office in Portland, Oregon, he couldn’t chew without major discomfort.